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River Glomma - water level 2006 - 2019

Here are some charts of all the water-level data I kept record of over the years.
They show the water-level in river Glomma at Hummelvoll, about 20 km upstream of
Kvennan Fly Fishing. The green line represents the average water-level, the yellow line is the actual level for that year and day.

When the level is over 588,50 (meters above sea level) I don't think there is much sense in fishing.
When the level is between 588,25 and 588,50 there are (only) a few spots worth fishing.
When the level is between 588,00 and 588,25 it is possible, for instance, to wade to some of the island groups and have good fly fishing. (but be careful and bring a wading stick !)

Normal summer level is around 587,50 and with this level you can wade and fish everywhere, but crossing the river is only possible at a few places.

You could use these charts to try and find out which week in summer would have the best water level.




















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