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Kvennan Fly Fishing is located in the north part of the valley "Østerdalen" between the two small towns Tynset and Tolga, in the county Hedmark. The Swedish border is not far, only 75 km. The landscape in this part of Norway can be described as the mountain area of the county Hedmark and some say it is Scandinavia’s southernmost wilderness.

Hedmark is one of the less urbanized areas in Norway, as about half of the inhabitants live on rural land. Population is mainly concentrated in the rich agricultural district adjoining Lake Mjøsa to the southeast.

The county's extensive forests supply much of Norway's timber; logs were previously floated down Glomma to the coast but are now transported by truck and train.

In the mountain area at the west side of Glomma a National Park called Forollhogna is situated.
In the east you can find National Park Femundsmarka.

The area around Tynset and Tolga is a nice one for beautiful hiking trips. You can reach the fjell (mountains) quite easily by car. Then you have a good starting point for endless rambling through these old mountains.


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