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How to get here


  Oslo :  300 km    Östersund :  330 km
  Hamar :  200 km    Mora :  315 km
  Trondheim :  170 km    Kopenhagen :  900 km
  Koppang :  100 km    Berlin :  1350 km
  Stockholm :  650 km    Hamburg :  1240 km
  Goteborg :  600 km    Amsterdam :  1690 km


By car
Coming from the South the easiest route is by RV (road) 3. Just follow the signs Trondheim, Röros and later Tynset. An alternative route can be RV 30, from Koppang go East until you reach Akrestrřmmen, then follow the RV 30 to Tynset. If you fly to Oslo Gardermoen the distance to Tynset is ca. 280 km. Be careful not to drive to fast, there are speed checks everywhere, better spend your money buying a nice new fly rod than to speeding tickets !
Coming from Sweden - take road 70 from Mora to the Norwegian border. Follow RV 218 to Drevsjo, then RV 26 to Isterfossen and Tolga.
The roads are usually very quiet.

More and more fisherman from Europe fly to Oslo - Gardermoen and rent a car at the airport. This is a fast and comfortable way to travel, and it is not very expensive anymore, if you are traveling with a small group.
Check out this cheap airline: Norwegian airlines

By train
You can reach Kvennan fly Fishing also by train. Both in Tynset and Tolga there is a railway station. From Oslo - Gardermoen airport the journey by train will last approximately 4 hours. When you book your ticket by Internet go for the "minipris" option. Link : www.nsb.no

There is also an excellent connection by bus. Link : www.nor-way.no  


contact : kff@kvennan.com

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