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Our part of river Glomma is situated at an altitude of 500 meter, the mountains in the area rise to ca 1200 meters. Because of the land climate the winters can be bitter cold, in winter time the temperature can fall to minus 50 degrees Celsius. Glomma freezes over every winter, in fact the farmers can drive their tractors over the massive ice floor. In April the ice starts to melt and a few weeks later the river is ice free again. The ice - floe's drifting down with the current shape and re-shape the riverbed year after year.
Late April the snow starts to melt. First in the valley's where the temperature is a bit higher. This results in a first rise of water-level in the river. From half of May until half of June the snow in the mountains melts, causing spring flood in Glomma. In normal years this will last for two to three weeks. In the days with the highest water-levels the river will be very dirty and then it is not at all possible to fish the fly. As soon as the river starts to fall, the fly fishing can begin. In early season often there are strong winds from the North so it might be useful to use a bit heavier fly rod - bring a #6.

Then summer arrives. In June it can be beautiful warm weather, or it can be like a "green winter", you never know. End of this month all the leaves will be on the trees, and insect live in the river is fully active. July normally is a nice summer month. Due to the west winds most rain falls in the mountains in the West, our area is one of the driest in Norway. August seems to be the nicest summer month with often very fine weather.

September can be a mixed bag: very nice "Indian summer" days and cold, early winter days are possible. Snow in early October is no exception, and in November winter will be back.

Something special for these northern territories are the long summer days. From May 15th it  will not really get dark in the night. At midsummer night you can read the paper outside in the middle of the night, and it will be like this until mid of July. In August there are still long evenings, mid of September it will be light until about 20.00 o'clock.

Actual weather and forecast from www.yr.no



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