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Fly Fishing reports 2018 - by Hein van Aar



Water-level Glomma at Hummelvoll, 20 km upstream of Kvennan Fly Fishing

fly fishing conditions

  date :  16-07-2018
  actual water-level :  587.10
  average 2006 - 2016 :  587.58
  water temp.  :  19 ° Celcius
  water is :  clear
  air temp. min.  :  11 ° Celcius
  air temp. max.  :  28 ° Celcius





Not much news from KFF. The weather is still warm and very nice indeed, like it is in most parts of Northern Europe. The river is low, and the thunderstorms of the last days haven't really helped much, as you can see in the graphic above. The water temperature is high now, and I recommend to fish responsibly: use a thick enough tippet - at least 12/100 but better would be 14/100 - and play the fish fast. Don't take too long with landing it. Release as quickly as possible ! Let's hope the weather forecast is accurate this time, and the predicted rain will come in the next days, and the temperature will drop again... 

Torbjörn from Sweden had a nice week at KFF together with his sun Jens. He told me that the fishing was not easy, but they experienced some hectic dry fly action in the darkest part of the night, and Jens had his best year ever at Glomma with several large grayling. Their favorite fly for this trip was a size 14-18 F-fly ...

Pierre from France send me this email: "Hi Hein, it was a very good fly fishing trip; many fish up to 40 cm every day with one grayling 50cm long; very clean river; all fishes have been released; bravo for your river management. Pierre."

If you should need some alternatives for Glomma right now, you might consider to try river Folla near Alvdal, river Atna should be quite good also, river Grimsa is ok, the Hodalen Lakes are fishing great, the trout lakes in the Vingelen area produce and so do the mountain lakes in the close by Forollhogna National Park.


We've had a bit of rain and the water level came up a bit. The weather forecast says it will be warm and dry, but the forecast have been wrong so many times here at KFF, let's hope they can continue being wrong for a while ... In the mean time the fishing can be good, if you know what you are doing. Use mosquito imitations, and flies like daddy long legs and ants are also producing.
Jean from France send me this : " Hi Hein, Here is my report for the period June 27 to July 4. Very good fishing every day except on windy periods. We fished the Telneset area, dry fly only. Average 20 graylings per day average size 40 cm. Each day fish on the 45-49 size only one at 50. Only one 40cm trout. Great place to fish very good river management. No fish killed only bbl hooks. We are 9 fly fishers coming from France and we shall return. Hope for some rain for the river's health and we wish in the future this gem can be preserved. Thanks for what you do for the river and hope to meet you next time! Jean ..."

Last week I took Manja and Bernd from Germany to river Rena. A 1,5 hour drive, very warm weather, very low water and very hungry grayling ! Manja shows in the video how to carefully trick a few of these beauties ...

River Glomma at Kvennan Fly Fishing also has a very low water level, if the warm weather will continue much longer and there is no rain, we may have to consider if the fishing should be halted for a while ... To be continued ...


Daniel from Denmark was at KFF with his friends.
He send me this report : "We only tried “Czech Nymphing” on the last day in front of the camping area, in no time we landed about 5-8 graylings, when Samuel hooked into what we would call a living log. It was first after he had pulled on the line 3 times that the so called “log” started moving, Very slowly and with no shakes. After 10 minutes of fighting the monster, we saw what species it was when it showed us its big dorsal fin. Yup, a huge grayling was at the other end of Samuel’s #4 10´ Scierra rod that bended like hell. We were all very hyped and stoked of the soon to come Personal Record. The destiny of this catch was of course after 15 minutes of fighting it to lose it when it did a turn away from him. We were all speechless and irked about what just happened. To make it more intense, half the campsite was standing on the river bank watching in awe as Samuel had fought this fish up until the unfortunate escape. This catch could of course have been the perfect ending of a perfect trip, but as we had caught so extremely many fish throughout the whole week Samuel shook it off and went out again only to hook into another huge fish, only to lose this fish too after only after seconds of fight ..."

I should tell you about the power plant that is going to be build in the next years. About 9 km upstream of Tolga bridge, a small dam will be placed in the river, and a tunnel in the riverbank is going to be excavated. The tunnel will have a diameter of about 6 meters, and it will drain the water all the way to the Eidsfossen. The impact on the Tolga zone will be big, but we are quite confident the fly fishing zone will be relatively untouched and unharmed. The built will start this year and the power plant should be taken in service by August 2021. We were informed that this summer, and probably next summer, there will be no digging in the river bed. I will give you more information as soon as I know exactly what is going to happen and when.


Summer now really is back at Kvennan Fly Fishing. Warm sunny days make my fly fishing life here in the North very pleasant indeed, even though this weather is not necessarily good for the fishing ... 
The water-level in the river is falling steadily and slowly also the water temperature rises. The fishing is still quite good and I get many good reports from the fly fishermen I meet on the river bank.

The last days I fished with Manja and Bernd, the pictures will speak for themselves I guess.
Let me quote Bernd: "to say we were exited about chasing trophy grayling with you Hein is an understatement to say the least ! We turned out to be spot-on. Again we had a blast fishing grayling Valhalla aside you ... "  We fished several very interesting spots at KFF and around in the Fishspot area. We drove all the way to river Rena yesterday and although Rena is also very low now we had very good dry fly fishing and landed a bunch rather large grayling. I think I can edit a nice little movie starring Manja and a few nice Rena grayling, I'll show you later. You might like to follow Bernd on Facebook.

On the way back from Rena we just had to try a few spots for pike. I never was there before, but on the maps these places looked so promising, and with an expert pike fly fisherman with me, the choice was made quickly to give it a shot.  I used a special pike leader one of my fly fishing friends gave me. No metal in it, just a nicely tapered leader with a very thick nylon tippet. The one that's on the little pike picture. To make a long story short, my next pike wasn't small at all - I think it was about one meter long, jumping high up in the air and biting right through my special pike leader... Of course the barb of the hook was closed and the fish will loose the fly soon enough, but I will never ever use a pike tippet without steel any more !!  



There are no changes in the fly fishing conditions at KFF. Some fishermen have great results using dry flies as small Baetis and midge imitations, I've seen some guys Czech nymphing and catching a lot of fish in only short time, while other fishermen were not so lucky.

Bernd from Germany writes on Sexyloops :
" Last week the weather here in Norway was quite cold, windy, and mixed up with some rain. Still we caught a lot of fine fish. This week the weather is warm, sunny and just about right. Fair to say we are having a hell of a fantastic fishing every day now! We caught grayling, trout, pike and perch. A lot of them were in pretty decent size. The fishing (dry fly, nymph and streamer) is at it's best right now. "

Last Sunday I guided Lars and Aadne from Oslo and both gentlemen landed a lot of fine grayling up to about 45 cm. The three flies that worked best : a #14 CDC emerger, #18 zebra and a huge Goddard sedge ...


Weather forecast for the weekend: less windy, cloudy, some rain, about 10 degrees during the day. Next week: from Monday they promise us nice sunny days with temp in the 20's. Still the water level is falling. The flow in the river this morning was 21 m3/sec, normal for now would be 70 m3/sec. There is less then 1/3 of the normal amount. The fishing is good, and I get enthusiastic reports from the fishermen.   

Yesterday I met Anders and Angela from Sweden. I asked them how the fishing had been, and Anders told me he landed and released 5 grayling measuring 49,5 cm. When I suggested to round it up to 50 cm he strongly disagreed with me .... I like this guy ! He emailed me this report :

" Nice to meet you today. Thank you for keeping the fly fishing zone in such amazing and extraordinary condition, hope not the power station that is going to be built will destroy the healthy and big population of grayling and trout. Kvennan Fly Fishing zone is one of a kind. We have had great days with lots of grayling between 40-49,5 cm (five round 49 cm) and some nice brown trout. No 50+ yet but we have two days left. Will see :-)  Anders and Angela "

Sead from Sweden send me this :
" Many thanks for the advice. I had a great day at river Tunna, reminds me of my home waters in Bosnia. Fishing was also great! I landed lots of grayling in all sizes and even a few smaller trout, attached you'll find a nice lady of Tunna river in the range of ~50 cm. All the best, Sead :) "


Even though we've had some rain, the water level is still falling and we really need a lot of rain before the level will be normal again. The fly fishing, however, is quite good with several insects hatching. I've seen Baetis Rhodani, Baetis Niger, Ephemerella Aurivilli, and several caddis and stonefly species.
What makes things difficult right now is the wind, there is a lot of it, too much for easy fly casting ...

At a few places nearby Kvennan Fly Fishing (for instance the Tynset zone in Glomma) there is Ephemera Danica - the large mayfly - hatching, on Sunday we had a nice time casting large dry flies to rising grayling and trout. Marius landed several good fish: see the pictures.

Saturday I fished with Bernd Ziesche from Germany. As the last years, he is at KFF with a group of fly fishermen from Germany, Switzerland and Austria, and before his fishermen arrived there were a few hours to fish together. See the pics ...


So I promised to tell you about pike fishing ... Marius and me tried some, last weekend, and we encountered quite a few of these toothy creatures in the Tynset zone. I was not so lucky in hooking them, I missed fish after fish for some strange reason (...) so I gave my rod to Marius. I shouldn't have done that. He landed 7 pike in two sessions, and missed three more. I filmed him of course, and the result is the little film to the right.

There are two big pike on this video, the biggest measured 113 cm and weighted about 10 kg ...

By the way, if you buy the license for the KFF zone, you can also fish in the Tynset zone and the Tolga zone .... :-)


Strange but very good conditions for fly fishing right now at Kvennan Fly Fishing. The water level in Glomma is exceptionally low, but there are several species of bugs hatching and rising fish can be found.
Here is a report by Mikael :

Hey! Here comes a small fishing report from our trip to Kvennan Fly Fishing. We fished between June 1st and June 6th, it was sunny summer weather: Saturday and Sunday, we had very good fishing with several nice graylings between 35 - 45 cm and even some of 47-48 cm most of them took a F-fly, there hatched lots of Caddis on Saturday and Sunday. Then there was a weather change on Monday and Tuesday with low temperatures but we got fish anyway, most grayling but also some trout. Even now they went for a F-fly but we also got fish on the emerger we bought from Tor Henrik at Kvennan Camping. Best regards Mikael and Kurt."

About the pictures : I shot a small film of myself (there was nobody else to film ...) fishing dries at the middle section of the fly fishing zone. Nothing fancy, no big fish, but quite a few small ones and I had a lot of fun with them. Wanna see some bigger fish ? Marius and me have been doing some fly fishing for pike in the fly zone. This pic is just an appetizer, next report I tell you more about it ... :-)

In case you are thinking about visiting us but don't know exactly how, this might be something for you - if you are living in Holland, Belgium, Germany or France: check out Cast Away Fly Fishing with Peter Sikking from Holland. You might be interested in his beautiful magazine - download it here.


Today the warm weather is gone, it's quite cold now with a max temp of 7 degrees. Last night it snowed in a village nearby ... The fishing at opening day was nice, Marius and me fished the area close to the camp side. We landed some average sized grayling on dries and nymphs, and there were fish rising, mostly for caddis flies. Check out the little video I made of it !

Like all over Northern Europe, it is a very strange spring here at the borders of mighty Glomma. It should be cold and miserable weather right now, and there shouldn't be any leaves on the trees yet, and there definitely  shouldn't be flowers yet. How ever, they are there, the leaves, and the flowers, and a lot of really big caddis flies and alder flies swarming all over my balcony, right next to Glomma. Normally this happens in July ... so this might be a strange season. I keep you posted !

Check out the KFF page on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/KvennanFlyFishing


Opening day at Kvennan Fly Fishing ! At last the river is open for fishing again. The conditions seem to be great, the water level is very low for this early in summer and the water temperature is also quite high. I haven't seen massive hatches yet, it really is very early in the season here, high up in the Osterdalen valley. 
Soon I will report about Glomma, but let's start this season with a small video I prepared for you. It shows Marius fishing, and why he doesn't catch anything ... Filmed mostly by Marius.

  last updated : 16-07-2018

contact : kff@kvennan.com

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