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fishing reports 2017

Fly Fishing reports 2017 - by Hein van Aar



Water-level Glomma at Hummelvoll, 20 km upstream of Kvennan Fly Fishing

fly fishing conditions

  date : 20-07-2017
  actual water-level : 587,82
  average 2006 - 2016 : 587,50
  water temp.  : 10,5 ° C
  water is : clear
  air temp. min.  : 10 ° C
  air temp. max.  : 22 ° C




After a lot of rain in the upper parts of Glomma the water level is a bit high now, and it is still rising when I write this. It also has been very windy during the last days, the picture to the right shows what can happen: this poor guy hooked himself in the back of his head ... Marius told me about the little operation he performed, helped by some Scotch for the poor patient. One more reason to always use hooks without barbs !! Below the pic a little film I made some weeks ago when fishing with Marius. It involves a really nice trout.

Lars from Sweden send me his report :
" I spent almost two days in Kvennan, on my way to Hemsila and trout fishing, on June 28-29th and the dry fly fishing was absolutely great with big rising graylings on shallow water and short line fishing, sometimes even sight-fishing. I had a lot of nice fish, all well over 40 cm, and the biggest just above 1 kilo. Fished on small cdc caddis patterns and emergers. Been there for five years and it’s getting better all the time. As good as the world famous rivers in Bosnia I would say! Must thank you for a great job, managing and developing such a great fishery. Back in September!  -  Lars" 


Twan from Holland emailed me:
"Hi Hein, me and my brother were at the fly fishing zone from July 5 to July 8. During these 3 days we landed about 160 grayling with the two of us. A lot of good 40+ cm fish, and for me a personal best of 52 cm !! Best flies were a green F-fly, a white buzzer pattern and a black Klinkhamer. Regards, Twan ". 

Marius writes about a day last week:
" a few photos of a nice guiding session with Jacob from Denmark. It was a bit difficult today. Not many fish were rising and they would only take very small midges or spent spinners. The fish on the picture took a size 22 emerging midge pattern and put up a good fight. All in all a good day in the river :) "

Robin from Sweden send me this report :
"Hi Hein. Just came home from Glomma, just wanted to say that we had a great week. The fishing (or catching as you said) was good most of the days. Some days a little bit harder but not impossible and we trained on the cast you showed us and it gave result. Caught several graylings around 46-48 cm and I also made a new personal record with a 50+ cm (the picture to the right) at one of the places you showed. Also caught some trout, biggest at 45 cm. Maybe we see you again next year. Best regards Robin."


We've had a few cold nights in the Northern part of the Glomma valley, it has been below 0 ° Celsius.
The result was that the water temperature in Glomma dropped with a few degrees, and that was not so good for the fishing - there were not many hatches, and so not many rising fish. The weather forecast for today is a lot of rain, but until right now - 12:00 - it is dry. There is not much wind, and fishing will be quite good. Fishermen tell me about picky grayling, that are only interested in perfect presented imitations of (yeah, of what exactly ?) whatever they fancy at that moment. So that can be caddis, brown #12/14, daddy long legs, a size 22/24 midge puppa, a normal bread and butter superpuppa, or a # 14 green mayfly emerger, and so on, and so on .....

I had some time to go exploring with Marius and I landed a very big grayling - my first one of this season. Marius filmed the fight, landing and release of this beauty - "Kool, kool lady !! "   


Good reports from river Glomma at Kvennan Fly Fishing now: during their last day at KFF Bernd and Marina landed 4 grayling measuring 50+ cm, all on dry flies. The pic to the right shows Robin from Sweden, he landed his personal best grayling of 48 cm. I guided him and his friend Rikard last weekend.

The little green worm is the caterpillar stage of the autumnal moth that crowded the birch forests last fall. They are back now in unbelievable numbers, eating all the leaves of the birch trees again. I suggest you bring some imitations, they just might come in handy ...

Marius send me this little report about a fishing trip to a nice small river close to KFF :
" Hi Hein, I had a very nice guiding session yesterday with a very enthusiastic young fly fisher named Øystein from Norway. We spend the entire day in the river and we had great fishing for several nice grayling and a few smaller trout. No heavy hatches but just enough caddis and mayflies to make it interesting.  Øystein had his biggest grayling ever: almost 1kg, a very happy fisherman indeed. "


At last the river came down to a normal level. Fly fishing and wading is possible at many places now, and there are plenty of insects active. I like to fish the faster flowing sections of the river right now, there will be caddis around. Brown, #12. On the pics Marina from Germany with a fine Glomma grayling, she landed it in the lower part of the fly fishing zone.

Patrick from France reported a 50 cm grayling on a nymph, and Stig from Denmark told me he landed a 50 + cm grayling on a dry caddis pattern.

The weather forecast for the next few days is pretty good indeed. Until Sunday we should have nice summer days without to much wind. After that, next week it cools of a bit, so they say. Not too much wind, and that's really nice, because it has been quite windy the last days. These windy days can make the fishing very difficult, Marius told me about a guiding session with wind gusts up to 10 mts/sec, causing small waves on the river and making dry fly fishing almost impossible.


River Glomma takes her time, and she doesn't want to fall as it seems. Fishing conditions are not nearly as good as they can be at this time of the season, but it still is possible to have some nice results , as Bernd shows on the pictures. Have a look at sexyloops.com for his report. I also noticed the gulls hunting for insects above the fast water for the first time this morning, and that tells me the first caddis hatches are on. I've seen some brown #12 caddis. Further more, there are hatches of Baetis Rhodani in the afternoons, and I've seen some larger bugs I couldn't name. Not many fish were rising for them.

About the water-level: I made a new page with charts from 2006 to this year. You might find this page useful to plan your next trip to KFF.


The water level in river Glomma at Kvennan Fly Fishing came up on Friday night after some heavy rain showers in the area around Tolga and Røros. Today the level is falling again, and I suppose fly fishing conditions will improve the next days. The water level today is 588,43 - this means 588,43 meters above sea level. The average level should be about halve a meter lower, normal summer level is about 1 meter lower. This water level is measured at Hummelvoll, at a deep and slow flowing stretch of the river. I noticed in the past that 45 cm change in level at Hummelvoll means a change of about 15 cm at a river stretch with fast flow - for instance the upper parts of the fly fishing zone. If the level is about 588,25 there are quite a few spots in the river where you can have good fly fishing. The average water flow for today should be about 75 m3/sec, but it is 144 m3/sec right now.

it is also a bit windy these days, and that is quite normal for June. If you check this weather site you'll see that for today there is wind up to 6 mtr/sec. For good dry fly presentation I don't like the wind to be stronger then 4 mtr/sec. 

The water temperature has been rising fast the last three weeks: from 3 ° C to 11 ° C. Many times good hatches can be expected when the water temperature is between 12 and 14 degrees. Many times, not always.

Yesterday I met Bernd Ziesche from Germany again, and we just had to make a little fishing trip to a place with good water levels. We had rather good fishing, Bernd landed three very good grayling on dry flies, I had a very nice one on a Glomma Dog streamer  :-)


The water level is rising while it should be falling... Well, what goes up must come down, and sooner or later the fishing will be great again.

Have a look at the picture at the right: these are the results of last year's survey under fishermen in the Fishspot area in Norway. KFF has been doing very good in this research project, I quote :   
"The stretch of river at Kvennan Fly Fishing has a very high number of large grayling, as well as the best reports of grayling catches of all the areas participating in this project."      and
" The results proved that within rivers with stricter catch limits the chances of catching large fish was much higher"  .
Click here for the results - PDF report.

So river Glomma at Kvennan Fly Fishing did very good indeed, and this is the result of 11 years of sound river management with strict rules & regulations ! And thanks to all of you who send in the reports.


Actual fly fishing conditions: the water level is still quite high. I think this is caused by melting snow, since there hasn't been a lot of rain in this area. It is difficult to predict how the water level will be in the next few weeks, we just have to wait and see. What I do know is that this stonefly pattern works like a charm right now.

I got this report by email :

"Hello! We were at and fished in Kvennan Fly Fishing Zone between June 2 and June 6, we had very good fishing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On Monday the water had risen, and was dirty, so then the fishing was slow, but Tuesday was also good. We landed many nice grayling between 35 - 45 cm, also got a few around 48-50 cm, all the fish we got on the dry fly, Stonefly size 10 - 14, F - fly size 16 and also a part on the Ant and the
Griffith's Gnat.  Greetings Michael and Curt."

The picture to the right shows the "Red House" - a nice cabin just outside of the fly fishing zone. It is for rent, so if you are looking for accommodation this might be something. More info here.

Two more pics from last week's Grimsa trip to end this report. Next update will be in a few days.


Last Saturday night it rained for many hours, resulting in a swollen river. If the level is over 588,50 I think there is no use in fishing Glomma - better do something else. Try the Hodalen Lakes for instance, they are only half an hour drive from KFF, and they are loaded with grayling, pike, mountain whitefish and some huge brown trout.

You also might try river Grimsa, about an hour's drive from KFF. So that's what we did, and we found the river in perfect conditions for fly fishing. No rising fish yet, well, there were some grayling rising to our fly lines and leaders, trying to chase us away I think. This happens a lot in water with a healthy grayling population: when you arrive at the water there are no rises at all, you make a few casts and suddenly there are a few fish rising.

The pictures show fishing buddy and guide Marius, nymphing a nice stretch in the Grimsa fly fishing zone. We landed about 16 grayling together, most of them 40+ cm and a few 45+ cm. Great but difficult fishing, and we had to work hard to find them in dark, cold and rainy weather.    

I observed some rising grayling in Glomma at Kvennan Fly Fishing, on Thursday and Friday last week. They were rising for midges and needle flies: really small insects. Haven't seen to many larger stoneflies yet, only a few. Mikael from Sweden reported grayling up to 50 cm in the middle part of the fly fishing zone.


Yesterday the fishing season opened at Kvennan Fly Fishing. Of course we had to try a few casts here and there, even though it was only 5 degrees and windy as hell. We managed to get some nice grayling and a few modest trout, but it was good fun anyway. What worked best was an upstream nymph, but we had a few fish on a Glomma Dog streamer also.

The water level is normal now for the time of the year, but it has been quite high the past weeks (see diagram above). Don't think the level will just drop from now - there still is a lot of snow in the mountains in this area. Not as much as in 2012, but it comes close. So if you are wondering how the fishing conditions the next few weeks might be: have a look at t
he fishing reports 2012.

The three pics below were taken by Marius when we fished the Hodalen lakes early this week. There were plenty of grayling hanging around in a nice pool, willing to chase and hammer our streamers. Fish up to 47 cm, and a nice start of this fly fishing summer in beautiful Norway !


The new fly fishing season is near. The fishing will open June 1st 2017, and licenses can be purchased online using this link.

New for 2017 is that the Fly Fishing Lodge, so Lars and Regina's beautiful cabin in the hart of the fly fishing zone, is for rent again. More info here.

If you are new on this site: let me suggest to have a good look at the fishing reports of the previous years - they hold almost all the information you would need, for instance what fly to use in  a certain week of the summer ...


  last updated : 20-07-2017

contact : kff@kvennan.com

© Hein van Aar