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For many first-time Glomma fly fisherman, this river can be very impressive because it is so big! At a lot of places it's flowing quite fast, and it seems that wading will be a difficult story. And where are all these grayling ?

The first time I fished Glomma at Kvennan Camping, I just felt like this. I was invited by Sepp, an old gentleman from Switzerland, to have lunch & a drink before going out to fish together. We had a nice meal and more than one drink, and Sepp decided we were going to fish at the other side of the isles at the campsite. So he crossed the river, just in the middle of the campsite, and of course I followed. I was just 32 years old then, and as fit as I ever was, but I had to fight the current and the alcohol to prevent a swim. I was sober again instantly, and managed to keep on my feet thanks to the wading staff I was using. Rod between my teeth and two hands on the staff did the trick. Old Sepp almost had no problems at all, he knew exactly where to place his feet, and what he was doing.

Well, to make a long story short, you can wade at most places, even if they look dangerous, but it really helps if someone can show you places to cross. In the meantime, look for places that are a bit more shallow. You can divide this river into smaller streams, if you look carefully, and make a good choice where to start. Look at the maps for stretches with isles and start there.
And yes, those grayling are everywhere!



contact : kff@kvennan.com

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